Chin up: The story of a metamorphosis CONTENTS

Chin Up is a memoir of my health experiences – what happened to me at the age of 24 and what went wrong over the next 12 years, then the long process of fixing myself and the astonishing things I discovered.

I published it as a series of daily blog posts over a period of two weeks December 2020-January 2021. The first half gives context to what I did and how I find myself where I am now. Thanks for reading! Please do comment and share.

  1. Introduction
  2. The doing: MS diagnosis
  3. The doing: Interferon beta-1a (Avonex)
  4. The doing: Intermittent self-catheterisation
  5. The undoing: Avonex – the decision to stop
  6. The undoing: Interferon be gone 2013–2015
  7. Revelations: It’s not MS
  8. Revelations: Fungal overgrowth, blocked lymph, and a busted ankle
  9. The undoing: The day-to-day process
  10. The undoing: Biomechanical rehabilitation
  11. The undoing: Toilet taboos
  12. The undoing: Feelings
  13. Rewriting the past
  14. Moving on

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