Parasite (second viewing)

Bong Joon-ho, South Korea, 2019

It’s not that I felt I missed anything first time round, more that it once you’ve dispensed with keeping up with the story, you can get so much more out of a good film. It’s still in the cinemas and tipped for a possible Oscar upset, so I though a re-watch was in order.

I was right, it was a good idea. I think I enjoyed it more at this second viewing – the film seemed even funnier (farcical at times), darker, more tragic, wiser. The plot has many details, so even though I knew what would happen in general, all the little gems had slid out of memory.

I read an interview with the director that described how much he admires Hitchcock, and you can tell, from the camera angles to the surprising story that takes you in many different directions and skillfully builds to a powerful climax. I didn’t notice him doing a Hitchcock-style cameo appearance, unless he was the drunk guy who pisses in the street!

Just excellent. Believe all the reviews and cheer it in awards ceremonies (though it’s already got the Palme d’Or, so surely anything else is chicken feed). The kind of film that reminds you of the wondrousness of cinema as an artform.

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