A new decade

So it’s goodbye to the twenty-teens and we start a new decade. I’m hoping the 2020s will be as roaring as the 1920s (Art Deco revival please!) because the past decade for me has been very difficult. For the first 3 years, one bad life event followed another, then the last 6 years have been about trying to recover normal body function. It’s gone so fast and I’m left reeling, wondering where a quarter of my life went.

Still, there have been highlights, and I’m determined to focus on the good 10% rather than the hideous backdrop of physical pain, discomfort and dysfunction…


Do you know, the process of writing this post has been very therapeutic! It seems I have a lot to talk about, and each thing needs its own page. I look back on my photos and I have done a lot; never mind if I was broken and distraught through it all, perhaps it’s time to start believing the image:

Magic Lantern Film Club
USA trips
Tour de France

And looking forward? Well, I’m a lot more creative, self-assured, and independent (i.e. myself!) than I was ten years ago. I have a sense of purpose now, telling the world about my health troubles, what I’ve learned, and maybe changing the way people look at things. I’m still trying to make sense of it all and find the best way to do this but watch this space!

The seedlings of my new life are doing well. There’s a new job to get. There’s Zumzeig Cine Cooperativa to get more involved with. There’s the field of intercultural communication to explore. There’s Catalan to learn, Spanish to finally nail, and lots of new people to meet. There’s my film to write, poetry to craft, many places I haven’t been yet. And all this with a body that works (it WILL).


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