But actually…

In San Francisco last month I spent a lot of time at the central library. Outside the main entrance, there was an interactive exhibition with different bright yellow pillars inviting you to do stuff. (I discover it’s called ‘Middle Ground: Reconsidering Ourselves and Others‘ and is run by the city’s Exploratorium interactive museum.)

Rubbishly, I kept walking past not taking a great deal of interest, but I did find one stand very engaging. You could choose a sticker and end the sentences, which were:

Because I… | People think… | But actually…


Because some people… | I think they’re… | But maybe…

The completed sentences that people had made and stuck all over the pillar ranged from silly to meaningful. I love the idea! An excellent antidote to our superficial, image-obsessed era; how things are and how things appear can be poles apart. I might even adapt the format to use in my intercultural communication workshops.

How would you complete the sentences?

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