I got this spam email yesterday:

This account is hacked! Change the pswd right this moment!
You probably do not heard about me and you obviously are definitely surprised why you’re getting this particular email, right?
I’m ahacker who exploitedyour email boxand all devicesnot so long ago.
Don’t try out to contact me or alternatively seek for me, in fact it’s hopeless, considering that I forwarded you this message using YOUR hacked account.
I developed malware to the adult videos (porno) website and guess you have enjoyed this website to enjoy it (you realize what I want to say).
During the time you have been taking a look at video clips, your browser began functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) that have a keylogger that gave me permission to access your display and camera.
Consequently, my softwaregatheredall info.
You wrote passcodes on the web services you visited, I intercepted them.
Of course, you can modify each of them, or have already changed them.
But it doesn’t matter, my program renews needed data every time.
And what I have done?
I made a reserve copy of the system. Of each file and each contact.
I have managed to create dual-screen movie. The first screen displays the clip you had been observing (you’ve got a good taste, haha…), and the 2nd part reveals the video from your own camera.
What actually should you do?
Well, I think, 1000 USD will be a realistic price for this small secret. You will do the deposit by bitcoins (in case you don’t know this, search “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google).
My bitcoin wallet address:
(It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it).
You will have only 48 hours to send the payment. (I put an exclusive pixel in this letter, and at the moment I know that you have read this email).
To tracethe reading of a letterand the actionswithin it, I installeda Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (The stuff thatis appliedfor the authorities might actually helpus.)

If I fail to get bitcoins, I’ll certainly send your videofile to all your contacts, such as family members, co-workers, etc?

Ooh, I’m scared! I guess some people fall for this or they wouldn’t bother. But really? Get outta here with your bitcoin blackmail!

My friend told me about some scam mail scheme in the UK, where some (seemingly sensible, cautious) people lost thousands. Those people who noticed the use of TV LicenSe instead of LicenCe knew it was a scam and didn’t get swindled. The lesson? Learning how to spell is a valuable life skill.

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