Le choc du futur

I watched this last week, then never got round to posting my thoughts on it…

Marc Collin, France, 2019

Focusing on and celebrating the female pioneers of electronic music, this is an important story to be told. I so wanted this to be good. But sadly it’s a bit shit.

It’s about 1980 and our protagonist makes music on synths and sequencers for adverts but has ambitions to do more. She’s excited by the new sound coming out of places like Sheffield (shout out to the Human League!). She has to fight against the expectation that she’s a pretty face that should be a singer and shouldn’t be messing around with all these machines. Far too technical for her.

And there are a lot of machines in this film! With the amount of boxes with knobs to twiddle, it’s soundboy porn. Add in a sexy French woman who prances round her bedroom in t-shirt and pants, and puts her glasses on when she’s twiddling the knobs just to look more serious (and sexy) – it’s hardly a feminist statement.

The soundtrack is great, the styling fab, some of the people in it are original pioneers, I believe; the plot and the dialogue are quite pathetic. But mainly, I didn’t believe in her. She wasn’t convincing as someone who knew what she was doing, who might know her DX-7 from her D50. (Or whatever. I don’t know either.) Good effort, but meh.

(Linguistically, I discovered watching with Spanish subtitles online is brilliant. I can pause and rewind when I’ve missed a line because it’s too fast. Hurrah! #slowsubtitlereader)

Here’s something to fire you up if confinement’s making you a bit listless (and People! Do your hair! Get dressed! Put on perfume! Do it for you, who cares if no-one else will see.)

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