I’ve been having fun with the voice typing tool on Google Docs. The result is like a Burrough’s cut-up technique for the 21st century!

I’m trying this wait let me try with this stop true stop no. Can you hear me Google.!? Beach mugs but you can imagine how this would work but maybe I should try, semicolon Kaelyn Dash relationship with punctuation Ready Set crap f****** useless 10 * am I f****** Center set I think this is her which way

Robert Frost poems:

Nothing Gold Can Stay
nature’s first green is gold
her hardest Hue to hold
early Leafs a flower
but tiny 7 hour
the least size to leave
to Eden sank to grief
so don’t go down today
Nothing Gold Can Stay

The Runaway
font when the snow of the year was beginning to fool
we stopped by a mountain pass check to take scope
Alyssa Morgan had one. It’s on the wall.
He dipped his head
and smells for this test and then he had the boat
we have 2 minute tooth on the way he said
I’m so happy. We saw him to Grey
feather against the cat enough food in Flakes
and it doesn’t play with the letter for letter to his running away
without the saving his mother could tell him thanks
anyway whether I think she didn’t know
that’s his mother I’ll be out today
and now he comes again with cut wrists
and amounts the world again with what you dies
and do his tablet isn’t hair up straight
he shut his his cases if to 12 flight
whoever it is that leave him out so late
when other creatures have gone through them been
what’s be told to come and take him in

the kitchen chimney
Google, in building this house,
and every way you may please yourself semicolon
but please please me in the kitchen chimney then
build me a chimney up on the Shelf.

Hello, you must gray 4 bricks,
what time do they close 2 piece or a pound
I mean enough for a full-length chimney,
and build a chimney clear from the ground.

It’s not that I’m greatly afraid of fire,
but I never had to the house that throws
rockets and I know of one that didn’t drive case buckets
by the chimney starts with above the stove

and I tried that woman is staying of tall
and that there is but there is always on the paper bowls,
I miss mother spider and hidden brain.
They always has been that you need help.

Chef 4:00 o by the picture,
but I don’t see why it should have to buy
a chimney that only would said to remind me
of Costco’s are used to build an a

I need to being best in country pins
the house is going to bring a gun
to the midnight sky at Sunset glow.
Have a chimney was all of the house that stood,
like a pistol off the pets okay go stop

the bone opposed across the way,
that would have joined the house inflamed
how to be in the will of the wind, was left
to buy forsaken the place is named.

Emily typing to go 1 and
4 teams that came by the Stoney road
to jump on the floor with screen
unprosperousness the met with Summer laid.

The best that came to it through the add
breaking Windows to afternoon,
the moment more like this table saw a
from too much to 11 what has been

your fool then Delilah communities,
and the age down, they touch with fire
and the column and the Joel McHale
on the fence post carry the strand of wire.

Cuz I know it’s really nothing sad.
But they they rejoiced in the next 8 caps,
no one has to be versed in country things
not to believe the Phoebe sweat.

Book blurb for Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment:

It’s going to cost for mistreating his mole a self-obsessed knife is not woman money lender with the forward hatch it in the desperate attempt to free himself from property the opening Pages just a scared tattoos us unflinchingly to his intense mysterious Auntie Harry creating a web of intimacy intention which is increasingly comfortable climbing belt at traumatic on the success of the central themes running through the novel and the Nationals was justifiable matter and Wealthy retribution at the Patriots with a theft and two ways to show precision

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