La virgen de agosto

Jonás Trueba, Spain, 2019

It’s me!

I really liked this, but then maybe because that’s because sometimes it was a bit like watching myself, if I was Spanish and ten years younger. All that staring at the ceiling or out of the bus window? Oh yes.

I wouldn’t have been so seemingly cool in a Madrid August, mind you. The apartment’s like an oven, she knocks around in little leather ankle boots, yet she hardly breaks a sweat! Despite this, the film does a lovely job of giving us a real flavour of what summer in Madrid is like (or Spain generally, or Barcelona even). Lots of neighbourhood festas, staying out late, being outside.

In the two weeks we’re with her, Eva bumps into old acquaintances and makes new friends. It’s done at a leisurely pace, and nothing really happens. Kind of like summer.

Although I am amazed at how much of the dialogue I completely understood (yay!), there was one (potentailly crucial) scene I didn’t understand much of. I think she was talking to her mother friend about having babies, and the film also had a bit with some female-energy reiki, and it ends with a potential immaculate conception. So I guess it’s not my life on the silver screen after all.

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