The Dead Don’t Die

Jim Jarmusch, USA, 2019

It’s the Jim J zombie film absolutely no-one was crying out for!

I liked it. It’s fun and funny: knowing, self-referential, witty dialogue, has all the usual people you want to see in a Jarmusch film. For once, the title sounds better in Spanish (‘Los Muertos No Mueren’).

But it is totally throwaway and forgettable. I guess Jarmusch has made his mark, he doesn’t need to add more greatness to his back catalogue (Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Ghost Dog etc etc…) so he’s just got his mates together and is having a laugh in his later career.

I loved the black dust that comes out of the zombies when they are decapitated; Tom Waits as an eccentric hermit living in the woods was, as you’d imagine, great; the set locations of this small town middle America (diner, motel, gas station, police station) were perfectly anywhereville; Tilda Swinton’s role as an alien/Scottish samurai undertaker was really unnecessary, especially the way she exits. WTF?!

So if you want a comedy zombie film, choose Shaun of the Dead. It sets the standard. But it doesn’t include Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA giving us a pearl of wisdom:

The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.

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