I wrote this 5 years ago but it still holds true. Today is the Grand Départ (this year in Belgium*) of the 2019 Tour, so that’s me out of action for the next 3 weeks. With the commentary in Spanish, I think of it as listening practice, then I don’t feel so bad watching hours and hours of men riding bicycles 🙂

*if you’re in Brussels, go visit Nicola’s Allez le Tour photography exhibition.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: road cycle racing is a lot like cinema. As the Tour de France will be making a whirlwind stop in our city in just a few weeks (19 days!!!) and many of you may not have fallen in love with it yet, I shall elaborate…

It’s epic. The Tour de France is much more than a couple of days in Yorkshire, wonderful though that is. It lasts for three weeks, with only two days off, and this year is a total of 3,664km. For the participants, this means being in the saddle for six hours a day, on average. Then doing the same the next day. They race through the countryside and up a variety of mountains, leading to incredible feats of human endurance and effort. We hope this is all conducted fairly, but as the tale of Lance Armstrong shows…

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