Nuestro Tiempo

Carlos Reygadas, Mexico, 2018

Well, what a disappointment! I loved another of his films so much – Post Tenebras Lux is beautiful and bonkers, no narrative structure, doesn’t make sense, wonderful! – so I had to go and see his new one. Oh dear.

It started off really well, a very naturalistic scene with various generations of playing kids. The setting was glorious, a massive ranch in Mexico. I struggled with the Spanish dialogue a bit, but always got the gist and the voiceovers were fine. Some really great stuff with bulls and horses and the wind in the trees.

But in the end it became a self-indulgent 3 hour angst about a married couple’s relationship. Yawn! It got so boring. I’m sure Reygadas and his wife are lovely people, and their kids are adorable (yes, the whole family star in it). I’m guessing it was fictionalised, or was it some kind of public therapy? When you have relationship troubles, it’s all-consuming and a matter of endless contemplation, to you, but never inflict it on anyone else. Let alone an international cinema audience. Please.

I did discover that the cinema has a lift, though. And it was excellent Spanish practice. A couple of days off from D’A today and tomorrow, but I might go on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to the dystopian Mexican one on Thursday.

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