The Mountain


And so starts my D’A Film Festival 2019

Rick Alverson, USA, 2018

Quietly powerful, difficult to watch at times (I guess a film about transorbital lobotomies* is going to be). Very emotionally blank, or perhaps it’s all just under the surface, controlled and restrained, because it’s the 1950s and you’re not allowed to be anything other than coldly rational.

The muted colour palette excellently reflected this, actually. Great shot compositions too, like still lifes sometimes. And lovely mid-century furniture (ooh, those armchairs!).

*I’ve just been looking it up. Also known as the ‘ice-pick’ lobotomy, the frontal lobes of the brain were accessed through the eye sockets and the connection to the rest of the brain severed. Jeez. The people who performed this actually believed they were alleviating people’s suffering from mental disturbance.

Coming up in the next week… In Fabric – the new one by Peter Strickland, Nuestro Tiempo – the new one by Carlos Reygadas, an exciting-looking dystopian Mexican one called Cómprame Un Revólver, and hopefully others!

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