Creative inspiration

I’ve just discovered Letters Live, a project in London where people (usually actors or famous people, by the looks) spend an evening reading out letters to an audience. Simple idea, could be boring, but get the right letters and the right reader and it elevates it to genius. Check out this one read by Benedict Cumberbatch:

I love this! Wonderful performance and great advice from artist to artist. And it goes to show the lasting power of a letter.

I’m also feeling inspired by Beastie Boys Book, a very comprehensive first hand account of their beginnings and career. I’ve loved Beastie Boys since the mid-90s when I worked in a record shop. As I get older, I appreciate more and more their complete originality – they may have just been trying to copy their heroes, but they did it their way, creating something completely unique. And they just did it! If it was interesting to them, it happened.

Inspiring. Just do it (piss off, Nike).

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