Happy new year!

In my world, today is new year’s day. So happy new year! It seems to me the dark, cold days of January are a very bad time to be full of enthusiasm and resolutions for the year ahead. Yet I like the blank page of a new year, even though dates are very arbitrary and making plans is futile in the face of life’s chaos. So I’ve decided to change when it starts.

I’m not alone! Though I am completely not with the times. Why are the months September to December named after numbers that don’t fit? Because they used to be the seventh to tenth months. Because the original Roman calendar (rather than the updated Gregorian one we use) only had ten months and the year started on 1 March!

Winter was an unorganised period at first, then it became January and February, but these were still not officially part of the year. It was instead a period for recharging, preparing for a new year. Extra days that could be meddled with. Spring was the time for new energy, new projects, and more precision.

Unfortunately, the system was really out of sync with the solar year, so they constantly had to make adjustments to keep everything in its proper season (like we still do with leap years). It seems very sensible to me, though. A fallow period that doesn’t really count. Let’s start a campaign to reinstate the spring new year!

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