El Silencio de Otros

Carrecedo & Bahar, Spain-USA-Canada-France, 2018

I saw this documentary at the cinema last night. I’ve been putting it off a little – it’s about the fight for justice for crimes committed by the Franco regime, so I was bracing myself for some heavy-going emotion.

But, like the people, it doesn’t dwell unnecessarily on the (unimaginably awful) crimes, but rather the process of trying to get some answers, some closure and some recognition, so history can be laid to rest, examined and remembered and never repeated.

Spain needs to do this; half of the 20th century is a big national wound that hasn’t healed properly. But a policy of forgetting is enshrined in law! That kind of repression is psychologically unhealthly and will come out eventually. Thankfully, I detect the beginnings of coming to terms with what happened. I guess these things take a generation or two, sufficient distance from the immediate.

Good film. Plus I was impressed that I understood 85-90% of the dialogue! All sorts of different accents too. Watch it if you can.

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